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Scholarships & College Resources


We are thrilled to announce a college scholarship opportunity for Bartlesville students who complete the Young Scholars of Bartlesville program, aiding them in pursuing higher education. This scholarship applies to one of our three endowed universities: Oklahoma Wesleyan University, Oklahoma State University, and Rogers State University. It offers up to $4,000 annually based on the student's duration in our program and university selection. This financial assistance presents a valuable academic opportunity, enabling students to attain a high-quality education at any of these prestigious universities. Other scholarships are available if a student wants to attend another non-endowed Oklahoma university. For example, the College High Wildcats Scholarship, the Denny Zoot Memorial Scholarship, and the Sears Family Scholarship.


Young Scholars of Bartlesville is dedicated to supporting students within the Bartlesville Public School System in achieving a college degree. Explore the diverse resources below, designed for students interested in college and those currently enrolled. We aim to facilitate a smooth transition into college and enhance students' success throughout their academic journey.

General College Information

  • In college, students may explore their current major or consider switching. Websites like College Start, Career Tech, and the RSU Assess and Explore Page offer valuable career assessments. Each platform has its strengths, weaknesses, and focus, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your needs.
  • Oklahoma College Start remains valuable for students seeking information on majors and financial aid. Additionally, the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education website provides many links to college assistance programs, financial aid opportunities, and information about Oklahoma universities.
  • The Student Debt Relief Organization lists helpful resources for preparing for and once a student is in college. They have information sections on Majors, Financial Aid, Grants, Scholarships, and Loans.
  • The U.S. Department of Education's College Scorecard can be used to aid you in comparing and deciding on a university that fits your needs!

Paying for College

  • Scholarships and financial aid options persist for enrolled college students. Check back regularly as we update this list with new resources..
  • The College Board provides resources for students contemplating significant changes and offers guidance on three steps to securing financial aid.
  • Explore information on tax credits available to college students through College Start.
  • For single parents considering college, a valuable resource outlines the benefits of returning to school, offers advice on funding, and guides you in successfully earning your degree while managing single parenthood.F.A.F.S.A.
  • Students must fill out the FAFSA each year as close to its opening to continue their financial aid process. After filling out the FAFSA, students can use the FAFSA Estimator to help them estimate their aid. This can help the student figure out their options for paying for college.


  • Students need to ensure that they fill out the FAFSA each year as close to its opening as possible to continue their financial aid process. After filling out the FAFSA, students can use the FAFSA Estimator, to help them to estimate their aid. This can help the student to figure out their options to pay for college.


  • Explore scholarship search websites like FastWeb and College Greenlight for ongoing opportunities, even while in college. Find more resources on this website.
  • The Federal Student Aid website clarifies the distinctions between scholarships, grants, and loans, providing valuable information.
  • The Young Scholars of Bartlesville Scholarship Resource Chart is a dynamic resource for local, state, and national scholarships, regularly updated. Please inform us of new scholarships or changes.
  • Our partner universities—Oklahoma Wesleyan University, Oklahoma State University, and Rogers State University—offer scholarship opportunities. Stay aware of their respective deadlines.

Resources for Students

  • This section provides helpful resources for college success.
  • Students dealing with test anxiety can find valuable resources in the links below the prioritized tutoring list. These resources offer mastery of concepts through videos, flashcards, and other methods. Explore your college's tutoring options, including writing assistance in a writing lab.
  • Overcoming time management challenges in college? This resource helps track reading and assignments.
  • Merriam-Webster's Website is a comprehensive tool with a dictionary, thesaurus, Spanish-English dictionary, and medical dictionary—ideal for writing college essays and research papers. Purdue OWL's website is an excellent guide for proper paper formatting.


  • Students can save money by buying or renting their college textbooks USED. You can find used textbooks through eBay (, Amazon, Bookfinder, Barnes and Noble, and Cheap Textbooks. This website compares rental websites and advises whether or not renting your textbook is a good option.
  • As a reminder, if you rent your textbook, lease it for the appropriate period and return it on time!
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