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a photo of young professionals ready to mentor

Our Team


photo of Briana Brzezinski, Executive Director

Briana Brzezinski, Executive Director

"Education is the most powerful gift you can give yourself. It opens doors, empowers your mind, and transforms your possibilities, making you the architect of your destiny." ― Briana Brzezinski.

a photo of Kristin Towns, Marketing Specialist

Kristin Towns, Marketing Specialist

“Watching students go from nervous middle schoolers to seeing them graduate from college “Stress Less” and returning to their communities to work their dream jobs makes this program special. I love being a part of it.” ―Kristin Towns

an image of Beverly Ross, Administrative Assistant

Beverly Ross, Administrative Assistant

“All kids need encouragement and a positive outlook for their future. In my role with this organization, I strive to listen and respond to each student’s needs.” ―Beverly Ross


a photo of Cindy Dronyk, Board Member

Cindy Dronyk, Board Member

“Young people are our hope for the future. I want to help young people become productive members of society. I want them to be involved in the community and give back so others may succeed.” ―Cindy Dronyk

an image of Shawn Fanning, Board Member

Shawn Fanning, Board Member

“Life isn’t finding shelter in the storm. It’s about learning to dance in the rain.” ―Sherrilyn Kenyon

an image of George Halkiades, Chairman

George Halkiades, Chairman

“Young Scholars of Bartlesville aims to help our youth become successful and productive citizens.” ―George Halkiades

a photo of Karen Lowe-Alton, Chairman

Karen Lowe-Alton, Chairman

“To educate is to change a person, our community, our state, and our nation.”―Karen Lowe-Alton

an image of Terri Meyer

Terri Meyer, Board Member

“Through friends inviting me to attend a Young Scholars of Bartlesville function, I was attracted to the people in this program and how they provided a path for the students to achieve their goals. “A day of no learning is a day wasted.” ―Terry Meyer

a photo of Julie Pranger, Board Member

Julie Pranger, Board Member

“I wholeheartedly believe in the mission of Young Scholars and that it has the potential to make a difference not only in the students/families/mentors that it impacts but also in the community and economy as a whole. The program can potentially change the whole trajectory of a family for the better.”―Julie Pranger

an image of Megan Proctor, Treasurer

Megan Proctor, Treasurer

“I was fortunate enough to have my college education paid for and understand the value and opportunities provided to me in life. I love that YSB provides those opportunities (and much more) to local students. It’s so neat to watch them succeed!”” ―Megan Proctor

a photo of Jane Sears, secretary

Jane Sears, Secretary

“I was in the Jane Phillips Elementary School’s cafetorium in 2006 when I heard Barry and Karen Lowe share their vision for the Lowe Family Young Scholars Program.  I was hooked from the beginning.  Since then, I have been a mentor in the program for three different students.  I offered support when times were difficult, was a sounding board during problem solving sessions, and celebrated their successes.  The most rewarding thing for me was getting to know three remarkable girls, whom I would have never met if I were not a mentor.  My life is richer and fuller because of the relationships we formed.”-Jane Sears

a photo of Stevie Williams, Board Member

Stevie Williams, Board Member

"The one-on-one mentoring, combined with bright students, and a commitment from Young Scholars of Bartlesville to ensure student success, means our goal is for students to not only receive a scholarship to go to college, but to graduate with a college degree, ready to make a positive impact in their communities."-Stevie Williams

ann image of John Donoghue, Board Member

John Donoghue, Board Member

“Having a reliable mentor and graduating from college can be two critical indicators of future life success.” ―John Donoghue

placeholder for New Board Member

New Board Member

Coming Soon!

We believe these are critical components of a young person’s maturity. Our program provides support to bring these values to the forefront of the development of the students. These values would be undermined if the program acted as free access to opportunities, scholarships, skills, etc. These students will work for their maturation, scholarship, and ultimately they learn how to work for their future.
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