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A Student and Mentor in a bonding moment

Program Overview


Academic Information

  • Parent(s) will provide a signed FERPA to allow the student’s mentor and staff to check student grades and attendance. Students are expected to maintain an unweighted grade point average of 3.0 or better while in the program.


  • Student must attend Bartlesville Public Schools and meet a 96% attendance rate..

Class Attendance

  • 7th and 8th-grade students are required to participate in a subprogram (Steps 4 Success) that teaches handling life choices and guides a student through the fundamental values of the program.
  • 9th and 10th grade students must attend the W.E. Pro$per program the Westside Community Center offers. It teaches the students how to prepare for and conduct themselves in a job and provides summer employment for students aged 14-16.
  • 11th and 12th grade students must attend Finance For Your Future, held at Truity Credit Union, which teaches students financial literacy, sound financial decisions, and basic skills such as balancing account transactions.

Employment Criteria

  • Parent(s)/Guardian(s) must be employed at least 20 hours a week for at least one parent or show proof of disability.

Geographical Criteria

  • To remain in this program, the student must maintain enrollment in the Bartlesville Public School system.


  • Quarterly training sessions will be attended by students and parents, focusing on college preparation, career exploration, enjoyment, and ongoing educational support. These sessions may involve discussions on academic topics and exploring additional ways the committee can assist students in achieving their goal of becoming college graduates. Additionally, students must attend the grade-specific classes outlined in the Class Attendance section.


  • A mentor to our young scholars in the program is a supportive figure who offers academic assistance as needed while helping the student develop skills, overcome challenges, and attain personal or professional goals through a collaborative and nurturing relationship.

Oklahoma's Promise

  • Once a student has entered 8th grade and before the end of 11th grade, the parent will apply for Oklahoma's Promise. A copy of Oklahoma's Promise approval will then be provided to the executive director.

  • Oklahoma's Promise offers additional funds to pay for tuition while attending a university. The application for Oklahoma's Promise can be accessed here.

Revocation and Forfeiture of Program Benefits

  • Revocation decisions will be at the recommendation of the Executive Director, with input provided by an objective committee.


  • The Young Scholars of Bartlesville believe in the importance of community involvement for fostering productive members of society. Therefore, students and parents must participate in all four volunteer activities yearly.


Scholarship Receipt

  • Upon completing the Young Scholars of Bartlesville program, students accepted into an Oklahoma University are eligible for a renewable scholarship, contingent on meeting scholarship requirements. Students must have toured that particular university to qualify for a university-specific scholarship.
  • Our endowed scholarships, known as The Lowe Family Young Scholars Program Scholarship, are exclusively available at Oklahoma Wesleyan University, Oklahoma State University, and Rogers State University.
  • Exciting news: we now oversee the College High Wildcats Scholarship, the Denny Zoot Memorial Scholarship, and the Sears Family Scholarship, in addition to the Young Scholars of Bartlesville Scholarship. This expanded scholarship portfolio opens doors to students at any Oklahoma University. With these enhancements, more scholarships at various locations are accessible to Young Scholars, furthering our commitment to helping students achieve their college degree aspirations..

Dropping Out

  • Students dropping out of a university will be disqualified from future scholarship funds.

Grade Information

  • After starting college, students must submit their semester grades to program staff within one month of receiving them. This ensures that students meet the minimum academic requirements for graduation.

  • Young Scholars of Bartlesville, Denny Zoot, and College High Wildcats scholarships have additional GPA requirements.

Not Making Required GPA

  • Once attending a program university, if sufficient progress is not made to meet the program university’s requirements for graduation, scholarship funds will no longer be available to the student. Denny Zoot, College High, and other scholarships have additional requirements.

Violation of College Policy

  • Should the program university terminate the student-university relationship due to policy or regulation violations, the associated scholarship funds will no longer be available to the student.


A student and Mentor enjoying the outdoors.

“I have gained much wisdom from my mentor on various topics: plants, politics, respect, and jobs. I have just gained so much from her that I could write an essay on all she has done for me. One really neat thing is that I have gained a whole other emotional support system from our relationship because I know she is always there for me no matter what because she is very accepting.”

Sam Guernsey, Young Scholars of Bartlesville College Student, Matched with Rachelle

“Having a mentor has been helpful in that I can rely on someone to give me additional support for school and life. It’s like having another family member whom you can trust. With the help of my mentor, not only does he want the best for me, but he makes sure I make the right decisions.”

Ivan Mercado, Young Scholars of Bartlesville College Student

a student in black shirt and white tiea student and a Cessna aircraft

"The Young Scholars of Bartlesville program helped me in my college experience both with my financial status at the university and helping me pursue my dreams of becoming a Professional Pilot and pairing me with a wonderful mentor who supports me with what I do and always helps give me the best advice they can."

Clara Moran, Young Scholars of Bartlesville College Graduate

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