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A student and mentor deep in study.

Young Scholar Mentors


The Young Scholars of Bartlesville Program is actively seeking mentors eager to make a positive impact in the lives of Bartlesville students while enjoying the experience. Explore the list below for our latest mentoring opportunities. If you're interested in becoming a mentor, complete the contact form, and we'll reach out to discuss how the program aligns with your interests and availability.


Our 2022 Mentor of the Year was Allen Bretz. Below, we met Jonathan, his mentee, and Allen to discuss their relationship.

2022 Mentor of the Year, Allen Bretz

We have a good friendship and like to discuss many current things. I go to many of his soccer matches, meet him for lunch or dinner, and talk about his future.

Allen, Mentor of the Year

He is very special. I think it was unique how easily we could talk with each other and feel comfortable. He has also influenced me to look at other careers to keep in mind.

Johnathan, Young Scholars of Bartlesville Student


David Lewis, Young Scholars of Bartlesville Mentor

"From breakfast lessons in my kitchen to enjoying the Washington County Fair together, Chris and I have grown closer and learned more about each other and ourselves through this great program. This is truly a program that enriches the lives of students and mentors!"

David Lewis, Young Scholars of Bartlesville Mentor

"Sam, her mom, sister, and I participated in the Kiddie Park clean-up 2017, where Ron Adams, Bartlesville Playground Association president, approached me to share a dream. He took me to a large space west of the restrooms and explained that he had always wanted the space to be developed into a garden. I shared his dream with Samantha, and she eagerly accepted the challenge. It was a challenge."

Rachelle Wilson, Young Scholars of Bartlesville Mentor

Rachelle Wilson, Young Scholars of Bartlesville MentorCindy Dronyk, Young Scholars of Bartlesville Mentor

Our children are our future, and I recommend mentoring to anyone who wants to make a difference with a child, the community, and life in general.

Cindy Dronyk, Young Scholars of Bartlesville Mentor

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