LFYS Program has started to get the profiles for their students who are awaiting mentors. If you see one of the students below that you would be interested in mentoring, please contact Karen at 918-766-6675 or at eat1@eau1eav1eaw1

Zach (12)

Zach is outdoorsy, outgoing, and sure of himself, and gets excited about things he's interested in. He likes to play video games, ride his bicycle, play board games, or do outdoor activities. He plays the French horn and is serious about doing well in school. He likes his STEM classes and wants to be a software engineer when he grows up. 

Jonathan (12)

Jonathan is a social and friendly person, but is also responsible and can be quiet. Kindness is very important to him. He likes to play sports, go bowling, go camping, and visit the park or the lake. He plans to go to college and become an international business owner, possibly in the restaurant business. Jonathan wants a Big he can talk to if he is going through something. 

We will continue to add more profiles as we get them!