3 Students Needing a Mentor

Lennon (pictured Left) is a 7th grader who is really interested in learning new things. He likes, robotics, puzzles, and is interested in pursuing Engineering. He is quiet but ready to engage with academics heads on. He wants to enhance his social skills with a mentor. 

Keyli (Pictured Center) is an 8th grader who enjoys card games and bowling. She is involved in extracurriculars like violin and cross country. She wants to help people by becoming a nurse. She would like a mentor that encourages social interaction, and likes to play games. She needs a mentor who is bilingual in Spanish and English for good family communication. 

Yadeni "Deni" (Pictured Right) is a 9th grader who is really quiet but likes to read World War 2 Historical Fiction. She plays the violin and wants to be an Engineer. She likes repairing things, comics, music, and card games. She needs a mentor who will patiently encourage social interaction and career exploration opportunities. 

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